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Digital Transformation Success
Best Practices
The Power of We (You and POPTECH's Talents)
help to drive innovation in business by delivering the WOW client experience and providing differentiated services
across Collaboration, Engagement Center, Security, Networking, Data center and AI base - Conversation Platform solutions.
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Software Development

We provide full range of software development services from custom programming services to mobile application development.

Technology Consultancy

With hands-on experience in integrating our industry-leading products, our skilled professionals can help you reach new levels of business productivity.

Performance Tuning

We can utilizes your systems to make sure it will continue to function optimally as your business grows.

Technology Training & Coaching

These training increases the usability of solution, promotes business objectives, and improves customer performance


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Understanding your expectations for service/products is the first step in providing an happy engagements.

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Project Walkthrough Methodology Objective

The Poptech PWT strategy will be a combination of Process Optimization and Software/Hardware.

1. Analyze existing Process

We collect the existing operations and processes's information. The detail document should include: Transaction flow for each interface, data structures and validations required, frequency and timing of processing, error handling/ recovery processing…

2. Walk-through the Best Practice Process

Explain methodology of operation (general) follow the high performance enterprise benchmark And later Explain methodology of operation to cover specific business areas of the Client’s Project. Cover fitment with existing processes, based on understanding and discussions.

3. Identify fitment and gaps

List functionality not offered in the way expected by the Client, and where workarounds suggested are not accepted- as “gaps”. Create the signed-off gap list. Estimate the build effort for each gap and Build the delivery schedules into the project plan.

4. Deliverables

Detailed document on the GAP(s) identified during the exercise. Acceptance from the Client on the same and together we travel on the journey which target is project closure with happiness.

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